Why should I offer Lash Lifts?

You may be asking yourself...when did lash lifting become a thing?

Many of us thought this would be just another passing beauty trend, well almost 18 years have passed since the first lash lift system entered our market.  In lies the answer to your question, Lash Lifts are her to stay! Let's dive into why you need to offer Lash Lifts.

The desire isn't only to have beautiful lashes, we're now seeing more clients with other lash needs.

  • Enhanced Styling - this is our most popular request for the elongated extreme lift.
  • Natural Styling - for the client that wants a carefree natural, manicured look. 

Lash Lifting is also being used for extension clients.

  • Pre Extensions- used to lift lashes prior to extensions, for those who have downward or unruly lashes, this makes the lashes more manageable for the extension artist.
  • Post Extensions - perfect for the client that is simply taking a break from extensions or transitioning off of extensions.
  • Extension Sensitivities - as an extension artist, this is a great way to retain clients that become sensitive or reactive to extension adhesive and can no longer wear extensions.

Lash Lifting is perfect for correction.

  • Corrective Styling - can correct lashes that have been misdirected for example from side sleeping or other factors.
  • Relax Styling - Clients with naturally curly, or ethnicities with naturally curly lashes can benefit from a relax Lash Lift by using a larger rod or shield.  This helps to reshape the lash into a more elongated style.

These are just a few examples of how to market Lash Lifting to your clientele!  And remember, Lash Lifts are perfect for both men and women.

Let's not forget to mention how it benefits your business.  
Just to name a few...

  • Client Retention
  • Profitability
  • Time efficient, average 30-45min
  • Retail opportunities
  • Add on to other services, the upsell
  • Physical comfort

But most important....income potential!
With Beautiful Brows and Lashes BOMB Duo system, the average Lash Lift & Tint costs roughly $3.83. Assuming you charge the going rate of $75-$120 per BOMB Duo Lash Lift & Tint, your looking at a minimum profit of $71.17 - $116.17!

Bottom line....add Beautiful Brows & Lashes to your service menu today!  You'll be happy you did, and so will your clients!

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Candy + Shelby

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