Noemi Hybrid Dye

Noemi. The Hybrid Dye of your dreams... 

Noemi is a gorgeous hybrid dye created in Germany that includes 9 shades + a clear color corrector so you can customize for each of your clients needs.

Noemi not only colors the hair like a traditional tint but will create a beautiful stain of the skin like brow henna. With a pH value of 9-10, this will penetrate through the hair causing the dye to last 8 days on the skin and 5-6 weeks on the hair. As a 2-1 treatment, Noemi contains nourishing ingredients which will help strengthen & protect the hair and stimulate growth.

What makes Noemi unique?

Noemi is creamy & oxidizes like a tint but contains henna extracts so it can stain the skin like henna! The henna contains vitamin E which will help soften the hair and give it beautiful shine. Noemi can be used on both lashes and brows and immediately after a brow lamination or lash lift. 

What are the processing times with Noemi?

Natural Effect: 10 minutes
Dramatic Skin Staining Effect: 15 minutes

3-5min processing time. You will also want to mix in the clear color corrector in a 1:1 ratio with your main color of choice so color doesn't go too dark.

What are the mixing ratios?

Noemi is a 1:1 ratio with the dye + Noemi developer. 

With the clear color corrector, you can lighten the shade depending on the the color you are desiring. With a 1:1 ratio of clear color corrector + the dye, it will lighten by 1 shade. A 2:1 ratio will lighten by 2 shades etc.

What are the most popular mixes?

Blonde: 80% golden blonde & 20% graphite
Dark Blonde: 100% light brown by itself or soften by adding 10% clear color corrector
Strawberry Blonde: 90% golden blonde & 10% copper mahogany
Auburn: 80% medium brown & 20% copper mahogany 
Brunette: 100% chestnut 
Dark Brown: 90% dark brown & 10% chestnut
Black: Pure black by itself or add 10% graphite 

50% blue black and 50% black 

We have created a Noemi Product Manual Guide for FREE that you can download here:

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