Beautiful Brows & Lashes: Lash Lift Processing Times Guide

When you decide to add lash lifting to your treatment menu, it’s important to fully understand the product line you are using - that includes knowing the ingredients list, rod selection, patch testing, product storage, aftercare… the list can go on and on! Which is why training on the brand you are using is highly recommended. Since we do believe training is extremely important, we don’t want to give away all of our secrets… However, we do want to share some quick tips on one of the most important things.. processing times! 

You are seeing all the beautiful lash lifts on social media, yet you can’t get yours to lift quite that much OR you are struggling with over processed lashes that look messy. Yikes!  

We are going to breakdown some of the things we have personally learned while working with Beautiful Brows & Lashes!


Yes! Less is more when it comes to working with Bomb Duo! We know there’s quite a few brands out there that require 10-15 minute processing times. However, if you are using Beautiful Brows & Lashes aka Bomb Duo, you don’t need those long times. 

We are going to break it down for you in 3 categories- thin, medium and thick. Let’s dive in!


When working with thin lashes, you really need to pay attention to your processing times. Too much time can quickly over process your clients lashes leaving them with undesired results. 

When you are processing thin lashes, remember the phrase LESS IS MORE! Stick with a 4-5 minute lift lotion time and 4-5 minutes for the setting. Surprisingly, 70-80% of our clientele falls in this category.


This is your average client - you know, the girl with beautiful lashes? You still want to remember the phrase LESS IS MORE. On this client, you’re going to do the most popular processing times: 5-6 minutes for the lift lotion and 5-6 minutes for the setting.


Okay, now we are talking the girls that you just hate because they look like they have falsies on. You know who I am talking about! And guess what? We are still going to remember the phrase… LESS IS MORE! Just because a client has thick lashes does not mean we are going to just jump to the highest possible processing times. 

FUN FACT: did you know if you do TOO much processing time, the lashes can actually have a reverse affect and not lift at all? 

These clients you are doing 6-8 minutes for the lift lotion and 6-8 minutes for the setting. 

We hope that you found this to be useful! Let us know in the comments if you gave these times a try and how it turned out.

For a quick guide, you can visit the FAQ’s page on Lash Lifting! As always, we are here if you need assistance or have questions!

Shelby & Candy

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