4 Ultimate Tips for a Beautiful Lash Lift!

When it comes to lash lifting, it’s like baking cookies!  You’re probably thinking how on earth is baking cookies similar to lifting someone’s lashes? Think about this - when you’re baking cookies, if you leave out the flour, you aren’t going to get edible cookies. If you leave out a step or don’t follow the instructions, you’re most likely not going to get a beautiful lash lift.

In the world of lash lifting, there isn’t one specific thing that makes or breaks the results. So what are the multiple factors that come in to play to get those dramatic, jaw-dropping afters.  Let’s dive in!

Choosing the correct size rod or shield will play a big role in how your lash lift will turn out. Here's how to determine which size to use is by measuring the clients lashes before you glue the rod or shield down to their eye. Simply place the rod/shield against their eyelid and scoop their lashes up to see where they reach. The goal is about 3/4 up on the rod or shield. If they are reaching the half way mark or below, it’ll be a more natural lift and you may not see the ultimate results. If they reach clear over the rod or shield, they can appear over-curled.

Take extra care when lifting the lashes onto the rod or shield. How they appear on the rod is how they will stay! You will want to use your BB Lash Separator Tool to carefully place and isolate them so they are positioned straight north, not criss-crossed and going the same direction, making sure they aren’t at an angle. Why is this important? Well, lash lifting is permanently redirecting the lashes and locking them into their new shape and direction, perfectly manicured. If you have criss-crossed lashes on the rod, once you place your lift and setting lotions, they will be locked into that criss-crossed shape.

Product placement is KEY in achieving the ultimate lash lift! You want to place the product 1mm from the base and half-way to 3/4 up on the lashes, always avoiding the tips. Remember, it’s extremely important to get the product as close to the lash line as possible, without touching the waterline. In order to achieve that dramatic lash lift from the base of the lashes, you need correct product placement.

A little tip I like to teach my students is pushing the product into the lashes vs having it sit on top. What do I mean by that? Take your brush and gently push the lotion so it is pressed into the lashes instead of just applying a light coat on top.

As you might have seen on our socials and other blog posts, We're a big advocate for less is more when it comes to processing with Elleebana. When determining your processing times, keep in mind the clients lash density. How thick are their lashes? Length really doesn't have anything to do with this - so investigate the thickness of their lash instead. Here’s a quick little timing guide that you can refer back to.

Thin Lashes: 4-5min lift / 4-5min setting
Medium Lashes: 5-6min lift lotion / 5-6min setting
Thick Lashes: 6-8min lift lotion / 6-8min setting

As always, if you have questions about the service, a product or would like to sign up for my online training, don’t hesitate to reach out. We're always here to answer any questions you may have and support you continuously throughout your Lash Lifting journey!

XO, Shelby + Candy

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